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Leicester Olympic Weightlifting Club is a weightlifting club based in The BOXHQ which is located near the centre of Leicester, 20 minutes from Leicester train station, with easy access off the B5366.

The facility caters for all ages and abilities and provides coaching from absolute beginners to elite level in weightlifting.

Formulation coaching divides the beginners into in-house programming within the club. There is no need to commit to competing in the spirit of weightlifting but should you wish to, we have a carefully set-up process to guide and introduce you to various levels of competition.

We have two coaches available at our club; headed up by Coach Andy whom is a BWL (British Weightlifting Organinsation) Club Coach.

History & evolution:

Leicester Olympic Weightlifting Club will always hold the ethos of an original Olympic weightlifting club, we use old time tested methods and new ones are used if they work for the individual involved. We have a huge history and we are proud to be one of the oldest clubs in the country.

Our members sports have evolved over the years, we now cater for all explosive sports. We use Olympic lifting as the number one power type training.

We aim to develop a large and active Lifting League team. The Lifting League is a nationwide competitions run by Marius Hardiman and Giles Greenwood.

In addition we aim to hold and participate at number of regional competitions, including the Central England Opens and Central England Championships.

We also have members that incorporate weightlifting to help them achieve more in other sports, such as CrossFit and rugby, or any other sport that thrives on power development.

Membership & Fees

Adult Over 18 £30 per month
Junior 18 and under £25 per month
PAYG Adult £8 per session
PAYG Junior £5 per session

All members are expected to join the governing body British Weightlifting as this ensures all members are insured when in the club. For more information go to: britishweightlifting.org.

With your monthly membership you get:

  • Ongoing programming.
  • Coaching at squad sessions Tuesday /Thursday.
  • Continuous monitoring and progress evaluation
  • Access to specialist squad sessions organised on regular Saturday’s throughout the year.

All programming and coaching is overseen by our head coach Andy Osborne

Getting started

Unless you are an experienced weightlifter you will need to book onto a one to one session (in some cases two, depending on your ability), with our head coach Andy Osborne.

This is essential to ensure both your safety and to help you build your confidence with the lifts and following the in-house programming.

The one to ones cover both snatch and clean& jerk, weightlifting’s classic and competition lifts.

Costs are:

Adults: £60 per session (one and half hours)

Junior: £30 per session (one and half hours)

Call or Email Today!

MOB: 07771 655447

E-MAIL: info@leicestercrossfit.co.uk


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