April 22, 2012

Private Sessions


Not everyone wants to train in groups and you may prefer a one on one package to gain the confidence  before moving forward into the group sessions.

The private package consists of 4 x One (1) hour personal training sessions with a CrossFit Leicester coach, we will  provide you with the skills and confidence to join our group “induction” classes or to go straight into our main workouts.

Your Personal Training On-Ramp goes through ‘What is CrossFit’, ‘What is fitness’ , the nutritional building blocks for fitness and the foundational movements of CrossFit: squatting/pressing and deadlifts together with skills such as wall balls, kettlebell swings, pull ups and handstand progressions. Each day includes a workout.

As a beginner you’ll be introduced to a scaled down version. Weights, reps and times will be adjusted to suit the individual. Once you are able to comfortably work through the movements with some intensity you will be invited to attend the CrossFit classes.

Personal On Ramp


4 hours of personal training at £50 per hour with the option to bring upto 2 friends and split the cost. Course dates to be arranged with trainer to suit you.(*terms & conditions apply)