Open Day – October 28th 2012

Come and help us welcome the first CrossFit affiliate in Leicestershire. Friends, family, the wider CrossFit Community, and random spectators are welcome… CrossFit is suitable for everyone and fully scalable so whether you’re a professional rugby player, tri-athlete, martial artist, yummy mummy or a grandparent CrossFit and its community is for you…

CrossFit Leicester Open Day Competition & Beginners WOD information

In order to make our Open Day an efficiently run and memorable event for all, CrossFit Leicester would like to have an estimate of how many people are planning on competing in our Beginners and competition WODs on the day.

If you wish to participate in the Beginner or Competition WODS (Workout of the Day), please press the button below to complete the easy registration form. Registration and participation in our Open Day events are FREE!

Press here to complete form

For any questions please phone or email head coach Coach Andy Osborne (07771655447 /

Registrations will still be taken on the day, from 11:30am-1:00pm. After that time no registrations will be accepted. To save time we recommend using the online form, competitors will then simply be required to confirm their weight during registration time (11:30am-1:00pm).

Our beginners workout of the day will be fully scalable and not include any olympic lifting, it will be suitable for men and women, all fitness levels and ages (+18 years),

Our competition workout is really going to be merciless ! It will be short, brutal and hopefully a bit different. We want CrossFitters to enter the WOD for the overall experience and for fun, BUT for the more competitive athletes we also have prizes to motivate your participation including Free training and T-shirts.

To give athletes an idea of what movements will be involved keep reading and focus on the following:

• Lunges

• Pull-Ups

• Burpees

• Pushups

• Carrying heavy objects for distance

• DeadLift

• Squats

• Running

• Non-prescribed movements may include falling down, and visiting pukie but thankfully these won’t be judged.

We will be stringently maintaining standards and athletes will be under the judge’s scrutiny throughout. Movement standards will be explained on the day prior to competition start times.

We will allow people to scale on the day but only RX’d results will be included for the prizes. There will however be an award (at the judge’s discretion) given to the athlete we deem to have tried the hardest.

So come on give it a go people and get in those registrations.

CROSSFIT LEICESTER invites you to find the FIREBREATHER inside of you on our Open Day on Sunday the 28th of October.