My name is Coach Marie,

I am an obese greedy female with the BMI of someone set to have a heart attack any moment, I have a sub 4 min baseline, a sub 5:00 FRAN, a CF Total score 265. And I wear a size 30 jeans…oh and I can do 10K in 41 mins and 5k in 21mins without ever running as training (probably my first mistake) “Imagine how fast I COULD be!”Not the right attitude thank you very much…

I work hard, I train well (when I organise myself to fit it around work and teaching others to be healthy ( second mistake; putting others first) I eat heartily but not frequently… ( third mistake I have NO portion control,  because I Don’t organise my lunch box or my lunch box is a reflection of my life me last others first ie lunch box always forgotten)

The lessons I have heeded after mulling it over:

1. I need to start practicing what I teach, (or go back to eating tuna sandwiches, porridge and drinking diet coke and running half marathons)….

2. No one is going to make your life happen for you, if you forget the most important factor in life YOU, you may as well shelve all those aspirations because you will only ever exist through life, by remembering YOU, you open your world to enjoying your achievements, plans, and even your failures (as I have learnt my biggest lessons from these)

Ok leaving my self a little open to criticism there but I have spent years learning to love myself for being me and I am not changing the fact that I am ME ! Thighs and all !!

I love people… I love helping others… I love living life to its fullest potential, and basically love the fact that I may never be Number 1 but its fucking awesome trying to get there…Thats all.

Oh and if you are still reading… I am teaching the following classes at CF Leicester :

MONDAY: 6:30pm -7:30pm &  7:30pm -8:30pm

TUESDAYS: 6:30pm -7:30pm 

WEDNESDAYS: 06:30am -07:30am

THURSDAYS: 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Look forward to seeing you there xxx

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