I just wanted to thank you and Crossfit.

I have been trying to get back to decent running shape (without success) since I stopped my Ultra stuff four years ago due to (in time order) injuries, laziness and fatness.

Today, I did a 12 mile run on a hilly course after having done VERY little running training in the previous several months (in part due to Crossfit keeping me constantly trashed 😉 ).

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is that it was my best run in YEARS and within 2 minutes of my PR from my days when I was in good Ultra shape. I had amazing strength and speed at the end – I was full out for the last three miles.

The only possible reason I was so strong and fast without much running has to be Crossfit. Let’s just hope no injuries return – something I also hope CrossFit is helping with!

So now I actually think I can do my first ultra in four years a – a 100K in Dec – a perfect cap to the Nutrition Challenge. Looking forward to more progress and suffering.

Eric Levy-Myers


In my free time I climb rock/ice and participate in mt bike/adventure races. I’ve kind of hit a wall with them so 5 months ago I joined CrossFit.

Ice climbing season came around. The first time out (back in Jan), I quickly ascended a 140ft wall of ice. I wasn’t even tired, and my rhythm was so smooth even my friends were shocked. The whole first day out I continued to climb strong and climb routes I previously was unable to. Mind you, I had been away from climbing ice for a whole season, so I didn’t have a chance to practice technique. However, my balance was right on, and my technique was significantly improved (subconscious muscle memory?). As if that wasn’t enough, I climbed for four days, and every morning I woke up fresh (no soreness/tightness) and ready to attack the ice.

Now, the weather is warming up, and the ice is melting. I went to climb rock recently. I haven’t climbed rock since last September, so understandably I was just planning on getting the cobwebs out and climbing easy. I have to say, yet again I impressed myself and my brothers. It was the same story as climbing ice. I was climbing harder routers, and my pace was steady up difficult sections. Without doing anything other than CrossFit, I have increased the level of rock I can climb by two grades. That’s significant!

For what it’s worth, I just wanted to say I drank the juice, and I’m a believer. The system you have going at your gym is amazing. I haven’t been in this good a shape in almost 5 or 6 years when I was training in MMA. Somehow, in workout that last 15-20 minutes, you’ve managed to help me get back to where I was (and possibly better). I have no doubt that as soon as I get back on my mountain bike, or start running races again, I’ll yet again be impressed with my improved ability to race harder. To you and your staff, keep up the great work!

Saif Rehman


I had my annual physical on Tuesday and got the lab results today. The doctor uses an online service that keeps your historical results. It is absolutley stunning to see the impact that CrossFir has had on my health indicators… weight, blood pressure, and cholesteral. I know that I feel so much better, but am in shock looking at the factual numbers.

Darryl M


With my recent contact with first responders from Burke Fire and Rescue and INOVA I got a large number of positive comments on my core strength and pain tolerance from the time the Burke crowd arrived to recover me from my driveway (conscious, lucid, and able to relate events leading up to the fall) to the medical staff I encountered throughout the INOVA system who were surprised that this 66 year old fossil could lift his leg and move it around with the external fixator in place and had the arm/shoulder strength to get up/down from chairs, the Can, and bed in pretty good form – though the whole process is exhausting.

Anyway, I attribute my success to the characteristics of CF and especially your and your trainers execution of the training program. Thank you!

Cheers, Craig