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Welcome to Touch Therapy for Health and performance. We are highly qualified massage therapist and body worker who believe that manual therapies should be inclusive, rather than exclusive. We also know that preventative care and wellness are essential.

At Touch Therapy we understand that not everyone feels comfortable in a typical spa or salon environment. Regardless of the reasons, we pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, accepting and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete, landscaper, executive, police officer or retiree, we will create a custom plan that is optimized for your athletic, vocational and personal needs. We offer Sports Massage, Swedish, Chair Massage, Deep Tissue  and Postural Analysis. At Touch Therapy our specialists also offer coaching for athletes who are recovering from an injury or with unique orthopedic needs. It is our view that injured or post-surgical athletes do not need to stop training. On the contrary, we consider these times of athletic transition as genuine opportunities to further develop areas of weakness, to facilitate healing processes, and continue to advance athletic progress. We can modify, substitute, and scale our athletic programming to allow for maximal results while maintaining and enhancing pain free and optimal function.Touch Therapy is your place for a laid back, sensible approach to achieving your goals.HEALTH & PERFORMANCE – SPORTS MASSAGE


Our in-house Sports Massage, exercise rehabilitation and Postural analysis specialist is Andy Osborne.  Most people these days are pretty familiar with massage and its general health benefits.  They know that it’s great for relaxation, stress and pain relief.  And of course, lots of people who get massage are not athletes. Tri-athletes, cyclists, olympic weightlifters, football players, boxers, elite or professional athletes have adopted massage as part of their recovery regimen. At Touch Therapy we realise that most of our amateur, collegiate and weekend warriors seem to have missed the boat on such a powerful recovery mechanism.  If an athlete wants to perform at their very best, they must engage in a number of recovery/rest activities that will help them achieve this goal. Massage is one of the best methods in obtaining the best performance out of your body.

There are several modalities that can be used to aid in the recovery process. However, Swedish and Sports Massage are generally the two that are used most.  Swedish is mainly used to help relax and promote circulation.  Therapeutic Sports Massage is typically used to treat soft tissue aches, pain and injuries that are associated with athletic or recreational activities.  Sports Massage can reduce muscle stiffness, increase range of motion, lower blood pressure and prevent injury.

  • Sports massage  helps athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training.
  • Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.You don’t have to be an CrossFit Games competitor to benefit from sports massage.
  • Sports massage is also great for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

Massage incorporated into your training program can dramatically improve your athletic performance. Massage to an athlete is the same as maintenance to a race car. We all know that you don’t just put fuel in a race car and expect it to perform well. You have to change the oil, balance and rotate the tires, top off fluids, etc. Our bodies are the same. Massage 1-2 times per month provides that kind of care and maintenance for the athlete’s body.  So, when was YOUR last TUNE UP?

Our in house soft tissue specialist Andy Osborne is a highly qualified Sports & Theraputic Massage Therapist and a raft of sport science,  health & fitness qualifications. He uses a number of advanced techniques to help you with your injuries and pain.

30 minutes – £30

60 minutes – £45

Appointments available 7 days a week, including evening and weekend appointments

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