Urban Boot Camp


There are a ton of choices here in the East Midlands ranging from generic operations to one person shows and I would ask you to please check them all out. Be an informed bootcamper, after all, it is your health and body at stake. But truth is that most are not anchored by brick and mortar facilities, Urban Boot Camp is.

Urban Boot Camps unique training program is designed to push your individual limits and get you into the best shape of your life, of that we have no doubt. While all of our boot camp classes are in a group setting,  we pride ourselves on an individual focus and making them fun and friendly!

All of the classes run for 60 minutes. You can expect to keep moving for the majority of the class time. For the entire session, our coaches will be there to motivate you and keep you going every step of the way. You will gain strength, burn calories, increase self-esteem, as well as form new friendships with your fellow boot Campers. The majority of our members achieve such great results in performance and the way they feel that they keep coming back for more, month after month, year after year – yes that’s right we have boot campers that have been training with us for years.

UBC is headed up by certified trainers who understand our training programme, all demonstrate a commitment to excellence and to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our experience in coaching groups provides us with the ability to accommodate any fitness level- from the couch potato looking to get back into shape to someone training for an athletic event like a 5k or 10k. Whatever your level, prepare to be motivated and challenged.


1. EXPERIENCE: our coaches have been there, done that, got the t-shirt. We were ALL in your ‘boots’ once and know what it’s like on day 1…and day 61. We bring on the best of the best to coach you to becoming the finest person you can possibly be.

2. NEVER THE SAME: we call it “constantly varied”…meaning every day is a new day and we change to workouts to keep pushing you and keep you challenged!

3. NUTRITION: THIS IS HUGE! Our coaches are well versed in nutrition, nutrition guidelines and we hold seminars and nutrition challenges multiple times per year!

4. HOLISTIC APPROACH: We do more than make your body strong. We do more than make you sweat. We make your mind strong. We look at you as a complete person. When we approach fitness we look at the ‘whole’ person, both physically and psychologically as we forge a clear path towards the STRONGEST you that you can possibly be.

HERE’S THE DEAL. We ALL want to look good naked. Doesn’t matter who or where you are or what you might say or do…we all stop in front of the mirror on our way to the shower and take a peek and our tummy’s. We do. And then we tell ourselves that “someday I’m gonna start exercising and work this off”.
That someday is TODAY!

Expected results when you complete URBAN BOOTCAMP are:

  • 3-5% reduction in body fat,
  • greatly improved posture,
  • better relaxation,
  • 3-20 pounds of weight loss,
  • 1-6 inch decrease in the midsection,
  • 25% improvement in endurance,
  • 25% increase in strength,
100% gain in self-confidence.
Pay As You Go – £5 per class
Block of 5 classes – £22  (1 Month Expiry)
Block of 10 classes – £40 (3 Month Expiry)
MEMBERSHIP – paid by standing order 1st of each month:
Urban BootCamp Committed: x 2 x classes per week @£30 per month
Urban BootCamp On A Mission: 3 x classes per week @£42 per month

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