September 14, 2020

COVID Secure Classes

UPDATE AS OF SEPTEMBER 8th: CrossFit Leicester is OPEN for Indoor Classes!   New members are welcome.

To prevent transmission of COVID-19 within CrossFit Leicester we have made changes to minimize contact by enforcing several social distances and increasing our safety measures. We require mandatory use of face masks when moving around the box. We also have a strict cleaning procedures to prevent direct contact with the virus.

We are living in unprecedented times. We know that the coronavirus has
been scary and stressful for everyone. At CrossFit Leicester, the safety of our
staff and members is our top priority. We are taking all the precautions we can
to ensure our facility and classes are safe and sanitized. Our goal is to go
above and beyond the safety recommendations provided by UK Active and
government guidelines. We also believe there has never been a more important
time for health, fitness, community, and self-care. For those reasons, we want
to get back to working out as soon as we can. Below you will find the protocols
we are implementing to ensure you can continue to work out to maintain your
health and fitness during these uncertain times.

NOTE: Please do not come to the gym if you are sick or don’t feel well.

· If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 please let us know prior to
visiting CrossFit Leicester


* 10 x 2.5sq m athlete squares with 1.5m walkways are outlined within
the gym allowing for 2.5m distance between members and coaches at all times.

* Each athlete square will have the days workout equipment within the

* Each athlete will be required to thoroughly sanitise their equipment
before leaving the gym. We will ensure the equipment was properly sanitised
before the beginning of each class.

*Coaches will be FOGG sanitising all athlete squares in between classes.

* The box will be running a one-way system please follow the signs and
keep to the 2m floor markings.

* Mask wearing is mandatory at all times in the gym with the exception
of when inside the athlete square and when training – then you may take it
off,  however, if you need to go to the
lavatory during the WOD you will need to put the mask back on as you exit your

* The water coolers and shower will not be useable.

* Mask wearing will be mandatory for coaching staff at all times.

* Classes in Yellow Phase of our re-opening plan will be capped at 10 members per class. It will be important that you reserve your spot for the class through Book.When. Booking codes are unique not transferable.

* Each class will be broadcast live via Zoom for those of you who wish
to continue to attend classes virtually.

* Coaches will sanitise the door handles, and any other touchpoints
before and after each class.


* We ask that members stay in their vehicles until 5 minutes before
class begins.

* We ask that members wait outside keeping the 2m. of social distancing – stick to the markers.

* Members will be required to be asked to be fully dressed to work out – as the changing facilities will not be open.

* Members will be required to bring a face mask with them and to wear the mask when entering the box and in the box – exception when in the training square you may take the mask off but would be required to place the mask back on again if you required the lavatory.

* Members will be required to leave their kit bags in their car and
bring in with them only what they need for the WOD – members can view what
items they will require e.g. weight belt, lifters by checking out the WOD on
Chalk ItPro.

* Members to keep all their personal belongings inside their square.
Please minimise the number of items you bring inside the gym and refrain from
bringing any food.

* Members will be called into the gym at the start of the class by the
coach and allocated a numbered square.

* Members will be checked against the book when booking system – anyone
who arrives who has not been booked in will be asked to leave.

* Members will be required to sanitise their hands upon entering the
gym and before touching any of the equipment.

* Members will be required to have their temperature taken. A member
with a temperature reading of 38 degrees or more will be required to have their
temperature taken again. If reading is over 38 degrees for a second time, that
member will be asked to leave the gym. (We hope we do not have to send anyone

* Members on entering their square may take their mask off – please
note if you decide to wear a mask during a workout, please note the restriction
this may cause on your breathing and you do so at your own risk.

* Members are reminded that they cannot take their tops off this is
mandatory (crop tops are allowed).

* Members are reminded not to share equipment, and also no high fives
or fist bumps – nods of approval will have to do.

* Members who need any additional equipment for scaling etc must raise
their hand and the coach will then collect the required equipment.

* Members who need the lavatory need to raise their hand and the coach
will check that the lavatory is free and will then tell the member they can
enter – member must place their face mask on when exiting the athlete square.

* Members will be required to sanitize their equipment before leaving
their squares with the cleaning kit provided.

* Members will exit via the EXIT signs, the coach will call out your
square number and ask you to exit the building similarly to how you entered
keeping 2m distance from anyone else.

* Members encouraged to communicate and chat with one another (wearing
a mask) as normal while maintaining a safe distance apart.

* Because we will no longer be using the communal liquid chalk buckets,
please bring your own.

* Members are asked to refrain from touching their faces throughout the
class to the best of their abilities.


* If you or a member of your family has become infected with COVID-19
and you have worked out at the gym within 14 days of being informed of the
diagnosis, we ask that we are contacted as soon as possible. We will then
communicate that with our gym community to meet HS and government guidelines.
An additional full gym deep cleaning will be done immediately to provide peace
of mind for the rest of our community and so we can continue to conduct

* If you decide to wear a mask during a workout, please note the
restriction this may cause on your breathing and do so at your own risk.

* Coaches will FOGG sanitise the floor and equipment of each athlete
square after each class.

* Members will need to book in via Book.When for all classes and open gym
and record scores via the Chalk It Pro app as we no longer will be writing down
scores in the board.


Class times will remain the same in the yellow phase re-opening.

Please be diligent in cleaning up after yourself and checking around
you before leaving the gym.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for us as we
approach this, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Please remember that these steps are being made to keep COVID-19 out of
our gym, and keep everyone training consistently to stay healthy, happy &
maintain a balance in our lives that we have been sorely missing these past few

We appreciate your patience with us as we navigate these changes, and
thank you for being along for this ride with us as we get back to training. We
hope that a lot of these special provisions will be temporary and that we will
be able to evolve back to normal when appropriate & safe to do so.




* Parking – All cars to be parked on the street – exception Vernon Road

* No children/family to be on site

* Members are advised to bring their own filled water bottles

* Risk Assessment & Safety plans are available in the gym by the
main entrance