Here are a few things that can improve your workouts:

1. Rest – You should be attempting to get around 8 hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep will affect you ability to workout at a high intensity. It will also limit you ability to focus on maintaining good form.

2. Nutrition – Proper nutrition is vital to fitness. The better you eat the better you will perform. You will have a higher ability and better stamina by consuming good healthy foods.

3. Water – Drinking plenty of water will allow your muscles to repair and grow. Water helps minerals and vitamins to reach your muscles and helps remove waste from them.

4. Attitude – It has been shown that attitude can affect your workout. If you have a positive “Can Do!” attitude you WILL accomplish more.

Workouts are tough and they will always be. Strive to better yourself everyday, keep a positive attitude and results will follow.

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