What makes CrossFit such an amazing fitness model is there is always a way to get better. This makes it so we can always have goals and objectives to reach for, making our quest for getting more fit and healthy limitless. As long as we have something to work for we can always reach new levels of fitness.

So with that in mind remember that getting better is about training your worst to be better. Regardless of your goals with CrossFit you should always try to hit at least a workout a week that is a “goat” wod. A “goat” wod is a workout that has one or more movements in it that you hate/are bad at. Making sure you hit one of these every week will guarantee that you are training these “less favorable” movements. It goes beyond physical training too. Making yourself face your weaknesses does wonders for your mental training too. And if you have been doing this CrossFit thing for any period of time you know how this all transfers to your every day life as well.

We have a lot of opportunities at CrossFit Leicester for you to work on your own as well. Take advantage of open gym times and time before or after your class to work on goats. This is especially true if mobility or form are weaknesses. You can do these easily off to the side of a class and not affect your recovery, in other words you wont get super sore. Skill movements or things like general endurance you need to be more careful with when putting in extra hours so you don’t run into over training. However skills are also easy to work on in your extra time. Lots of you are buying equipment and practicing at home.
The process of getting better never stops. Its what makes CrossFit so awesome. No matter what level you get to you can always improve your fitness and yourself.

Remember you CrossFit Leicester Coaches Andy, Marie, Dave, Martin… are here to advice you on progressions so get asking their advice…

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