First off, you can expect to be pretty sore for your first 2 weeks to a month of training.  All of these movements are relatively new and you are working muscles that you may have never used before or haven’t worked in a long time.   Soft tissue/self massage work (baseball/foam/pvc rolling) will help break up adhesions, reduce soreness and help you recover not only for the next workout but for your everyday life outside of CrossFit. Also, to aid in recovery and promote the best physical gains, be sure to refuel within 30 minutes of a workout with a 2:1 simple carbohydrate to protein ratio.  A shake would be your best bet as it is easily digestible.
Lastly, be patient with new movements.  Olympic weightlifting, kipping pull-ups, double unders, etc.. require a lot of moving parts and take some time to learn.  Each time you are in here, with the help from our coaches, you will pick up something new from your experience and you will continue to get better.  You will never stop learning and improving and that’s the best part.  The coaching staff is here to answer any specific questions you have and to help you along the way.  Please feel free to reach out at any time in or out of the box.

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