It’s clearly my life mission to get people to eat liver, considering I bring it up at least once a week on the blog, and have been tweaking liver recipes for oh, 6 months now. Why would I want you to try those dark red, slimy, detoxifying organs of a chicken? To put it simply, they’re nature’s multivitamin:

* 3 times your daily B12 in a serving
* High iron content, helping to ward off anemia and keep
your immune system strong.
* Iodine for healthy thyroid functioning
* Folate, phosphorous, vitamin A….. need I go on?

It has high contents of all of the above, and is also a high protein food to keep you sated. P.S. I’m not a professional on this topic, I just read a lot and like to share the knowledge I learn. I buy a pound of chicken livers (which are very cheap might I add) about twice a month to make a batch of meatballs with. I’ve found that this is the only way I can stomach the texture of them. You might be thinking, why eat something you can’t even stomach getting down? First off I think its sort of fun to gross out my rooommates with the strange foods I eat, liver being one of them.

But more importantly I was determined to find a way I could incorporate this highly nutritious food in my diet that allowed me to actually enjoy it. And even more importantly, I wanted to share a good recipe in hopes that others may find a way to enjoy nature’s multivitamin too.

My first variation was Dried Cranberry and Liver Meatballs, which I loved. This latest variation is even more simple and they came out fabulous. The sweet potato acts as a binder so there is no need for any flours or nut meals which keeps them a little lighter. And the ground beef helps mask some of the liver’s richness; if you’re new to chicken livers this recipe is a great way to get yourself acquainted.

Sweet Potato Chicken Liver Meatballs

1 small sweet potato
1/2 lb chicken livers
1/2 lb grass fed ground beef
1 Tbsp dijon mustard
1 clove garlic
Salt, pepper, garlic, basil, paprika, cumin (or any spices you like to cook with, these are very versatile meatballs)
Grate the sweet potato either with a hand grater or the attachment grater on a food processor.

Rise and pat the chicken livers dry and add them into the processor along with the grated sweet potato, ground beef, mustard, garlic, and spices (about a tsp of each to start). Food process until the mixture is completely combined.

Heat a skillet to medium heat and add coconut oil. Scoop a tablespoon of the mixture onto the skillet and cook about 3 minutes on each side until done, but not overdone and tough. Taste test one meatball and adjust the spices in the rest of the batch to your liking then cook the rest in batches.

The meatballs will almost be like mini sliders, and may not hold a perfect round meatball shape but that’s okay. You could also make burgers out of these by scooping more onto the skillet.

{Makes roughly 15-20 meatballs. I made about half the meatballs (about 10 small meatballs) and froze the rest of the mixture. The meatballs also freeze well and can be reheated quickly.}


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