The double under. A staple movement for CrossFit. Yes, they can be incredibly frustrating. There might be nothing worse than sucking wind during a wod and trying to bang out 50 double unders only to have that stupid thin rope somehow get wrapped around your neck, through the soles of your Nike Frees, and cutting through your shins. Trust me, I know the frustration. Sometimes I’m surprised my rope hasn’t ripped my pants right off with how I’ve ended up with it wrapped around me. Jokes aside, the only thing worse than experiencing this is watching people chuck their ropes around the gym like 10 year olds. Technically, when double unders just aren’t going your way, its usually because you are doing something wrong. When you fatigue they become harder. The arms don’t want to move as quickly, legs don’t spring as easily, and it definitely gets harder to get that rhythm going. When this occurs, rather than spend the time and energy getting your rope out of the rafters because you donkey konged the thing up there, take a second and remember your technical cues.
Jump from your toes, toes pointed down to the floor, spin from the lower arms while keeping your hands at a 45 degree angle down and in front of you.
Another reason lashing out doesn’t help is because you need to be loose and relaxed in your body to perform double unders effectively. When you are tight throughout the body, especially the shoulders, you aren’t going to be able to spin freely and quickly, or jump quickly and efficiently. Tensing up with anger is going to be counter productive and just make you trip up over and over again. When the double unders get ugly, take a deep breath and relax.
The final reason lashing out doesn’t help is it just looks bad. When it comes down to it double unders are just another movement we implement to get you more fit. There are more important things in life to get angry with. I am not trying to pull a Dalai Lama here. Believe me when I say I have had my frustrating CrossFit days where Ive wanted to burn the whole gym down. However, when you step into the double under downward spiral, just keep it in perspective. Is it really worth screaming like an idiot and throwing your rope like a child, especially in a class with other people and trainers where one misstep could mean a rope to someone’s face? I don’t think so. Instead of freaking out, remember your cues and relax. It will probably work better than your coach making you do 10 burpees (yes, the new penalty for rope throwing).

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