An Issue that many have had to deal with over the years is how and where to get an inexpensive implement for effective physical training. Now I’m not going to drag you along with a great history of how the Medicine ball was originally used by the military for that exact purpose. What I will tell you is that since then the simple inexpensive Medicine ball has come to cost a small fortune. No longer! Now an inexpensive and durable ball can be manufactured for only a few dollars a little bit of effort and a great deal of patience. These balls are great for anything you would normally do with a Medicine ball, however they are ideal for use as a Slam Ball during CrossFit workouts! Hence I dub thee SLAMMER! For this is what we do with thee.

Let’s get her done!!! Shopping List
Item 1: Get a Ball…

I’m serious, go out and by a cheap though heavy duty “rubber” basketball.

Yep Just like that one. In fact if you spend more then $10 on the ball you are too rich for my blood!


Item 2: Buy a radial tire puncture plug kit.
This item usually comes in packets of 5 plugs. If you purchase 1 kit with the rasp and plunger, and another kit with only the plugs than you can make 5 balls with that many plugs.

Again, yep just like that one! These are the most expensive part of the entire package but they happen to be what keeps the whole thing together. And yeah still cheap.


Item 3: Buy a funnel. Yes this is a pain because its rare that you can find a funnel that is narrow enough for this application so if you can’t find one do as I do. Make one! Below is an example of the funnel I used on this particular ball.

You will want to cut the clear plastic cap off and pull the extension tube out of it. You will notice in upcoming pictures that I cut the bottom off the container and drained it. Don’t forget that if you are going to use an oil container like I did clean and dry it thoroughly before pouring sand through it. Try it you’ll figure out why.


Item 4: Buy Some “Shoe Goo”!
This stuff seals the deal. I’m serious it seals the thing once your done. Its tough, its cheap ,it works, its everything we want it to be.


Item 5: The finest sand you can find.
If you go to the beach and dig it up great! If you go to the hardware store and by some patio paving sand then great. But I guarantee you will need some sand, so go get some.

This stuff works well its fine and goes through that damned tiny funnel as well as can be expected.

Ok so that was a pretty simple and cheap shopping list. You can Most probably get all of those materials save the ball at your local hardware store. If you happen to live in Canada, Canadian Tire has all of the above plus cheap Huffy Sports basketballs for $4.99.


Step 1: Take the ball. Oh wow thats deep.
Now JAM the rasp into the ball! Rasp around in the hole a bit.

Now role the ball over an eighth of a turn and JAM it again! Rasp in the hole a little bit.

Remember the JAMMING thing yeah now do it with the funnel. The following is what it looks like all JAMMED up. The reason you are puncturing the ball twice is because you want airflow going through the ball while you are trying fill it with sand. Without even the slightest amount of airflow it becomes a very big pain trying to get the sand in there.


Step 2: Filling the Ball with Sand!
This stuff is called “Sand”! It goes inside the Medicine Ball! (Left)


This is sand about to be poured into the ball. (Left)

This is a Basket ball sitting on a bathroom scale with a funnel JAMMED in it. Say goodbye to basketballism say hello medicine ballism. (Right)

This is sand being poured into the ball. (Right)


Do you see what I’m getting at? Well at this point all that is left to do is sit there and pour sand in the ball for the next hour and a half. I’m serious! It takes a while. Be patient! It’s worth it!

Step 3: Closing her up and sealing the ball!
Once you’ve completed the filling portion of the exercise, take your plunger and a plug and jam the plug following the instructions on the package, into the holes in the ball. Then cut the tabs that remain sticking out of the ball with a pair of pliers or a knife. Now this is the complicated part! Take some Shoe Goo and put some over top the plugs. Wait a couple of hours and voila you have a SLAMMER!

Have fun, respectfully Pierre Augé.

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