Rugby All Black Owen Franks in Bonsall: Max Effort Clean and Jerk By CrossFits Mike Burgener

All Black OWEN BLAin Bonsall: Max Effort Clean and Jerk

By Mike Burgener from Journal April 17th 2010


In a continuation of our series with Owen Franks, a rugby player for theNew Zealand All Blacks, Mike Burgener takes the powerful athlete through a series of cues to push him toward a max-effort clean and jerk.

Beginning with sub-maximal loads, Burgener identifies three main elements Franks needs to get very heavy loads overhead: proper hip and foot placement, speed, and rhythm.

Progressing through a range of weights starting at 80 kg and working toward a battle with max weights over 140 kg, Franks finds himself walking the narrow line between actual capacity and future potential.

Burg, of course, has evaluated his athlete and believes Franks can reach his potential with just a little motivation.

“If I’m giving you the opportunity to do 143, we’re not giving it a go. We’re going to frickin’ make the weight. So get your ass ready to go, and I really need fast hands, and I want you to drive that son of a gun like you’re playing Australia in South Africa!”

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