Jennifer was talking to one of our community (no names, no pack drill) and they had been to a Physio for `a diagnosis of their niggling knee problem’,  one of the issues raised was this individuals tight calves…We covered this in last weekends Stretch, Mobility and Injury Prevention Seminar however, thought we would take time out to re-enforce the message…

In order to maximise performance you must take care of your body . Do you stretch your calves on a daily basis? Well, you should. Having tight calves will limit your ankle flexibility. Your ankle flexibility drastically impacts your ability to sit into the squat position, deadlift position, even the push-press and kettlebell swing position. Quad dependency results from poor ankle mobility because the hips are not able to sit in a favorable postion to fire off the glutes and hamstrings.

Tight calves will lead to tight quads, which causes tight hip- flexors. Tight hip-flexors pull the pelvis into an anterior tilt position, which can cause your shoulders to internally rotate forward compromising posture. Tight hip–flexors and internally rotated shoulders can cause neck pain. Remember that everything is connected…and stretch your calves!

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