And I’m sure all CrossFit coaches will be able to tell you with out you even mentioning it to them what you’re scared of. The thoughts of it being too intense, or you not being in good enough shape, or soo many people have been injured, and one of the best we have all heard is, I just feel I would embarrass myself. Then there is the procrastination of next week, I’ll be there, tomorrow, next week, next month. or the it is just a little outside of my price range. (All be it the economy is rough, and if you’re serious about fixing yourself, maybe we should think about those drunken weekends, the pack of cigarettes, or £2.50 Starbucks coffee and wonder if those fit in our price range) or (I love this one) it’s a Cult: so lets overcome those fears:
1.) The intensity is entirely up to you! all movements are modifiable to you and your capabilities. Our job is not to break you, but “Re-Make you”

2.) I’M NOT IN GOOD SHAPE: that is the perfect time!!! you now lack the “all purposeful Self-ego” that prevents us from truly learning and progressing into the functional potential that you hoped for. wether it be playing with your grandkids, or hiking without becoming wrecked, looking better naked, what ever your functional potential is, it is a perfect time to come into CrossFit Leicester (or any local CrossFit to you) to reach your potential and beyond. You’re always in perfect shape to start CrossFit.

3.) INJURIES: a multitude of injuries occur to those that come into CrossFit with the “ego” preventing them from asking questions, scaling the workout appropriately, or just accepting that they have to take a break. Our biggest battle is with ourselves, not with injuries. Our 18 year old brain feels as though our 30, 40, or 50 something year old body should be able to handle anything. (we’re not 18 anymore… period) the best way to prevent any injury when starting CrossFit or any fitness program would simply be to LISTEN, ASK QUESTIONS, and KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

CrossFit is about getting you to move correctly with little to no weight, increasing intensity (by speed, weight, etc.) then getting you to move correctly in that said intensity. So, remember, it isn’t CrossFit that has a high injury rate, it is overzealous un -experienced coaches (which there are those in any globo gym wearing bright red shirts that say Personal Trainer on the back) or over aggressive newbies (i.e. first time program starters that want their goals achieved yesterday when starting the gym today) CrossFit Coaches are just as much at fault for injuries yes, it is not just YOUR fault  . as coaches it is our job to make sure you are doing the appropriate work load even if it is modifying the workout on the fly. So there, I helped take some blame for some of the bad ones…(make sure you do your homework by going in and essentially interviewing your CrossFit before you commit i.e Experience, education, and longevity with in the CrossFit programming experience)

4.) I’’M AFRAID I’LL EMBARRASS MYSELF: ….. really….. sorry for being uncensored and rude but…REALLY!!! so, it is better to save face of potentially showing how out of shape you are (i.e. your starting point) so you’re content with procrastinating starting any sort of fitness program in lieu of not looking foolish…because foolish isn’t consistently looking in the mirror not satisfied with what you have…its what others think, not what you think right…that is what truly adds up to happiness….(all of the periods in between thoughts is not for you to process what is being said, it is because it is devastatingly hard for me to write such words!!! GET OVER THE FEAR OF EMBARRASSMENT!!! because it feels far worse knowing what you want, knowing that you have the power to change it, and CrossFit is flat out offering you a fools proof way of achieving it…and you’re afraid of embarrassment…lets think about one of the pro’s of doing CrossFit…you’ll never be embarrassed to do anything fitness related again!!!  you’re welcome.

5.) PROCRASTINATION: Did procrastination ever work for you in school? does it pan out for you in work? how about with your kids if you have any? well…I’m pretty sure I know the answer…and yea…it doesn’t. Typically when you procrastinate the eventual event or task that you are procrastinating turns into a conversation with someone that has beat you to the punch of starting CrossFit that sounds a little like this…”See…What had happened was…” nuff said. if you’re thinking you’re going to go in next week and try it out, that means you should’ve gone in last week…so, stop doing your self a disservice and get in there…because i can almost guarantee your next step after procrastinating your fitness and health turns to wondering how you let it get soo bad. trust me when I say, there is one thing with in your body that will NOT procrastinate, that is high blood pressure, health ailments by living a sedentary life, and visits to the doctors to start some form of trial medications to prevent your health from rapidly declining…all due to procrastinating starting a fitness program yesterday.

6.) PRICE: McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and all other fast food chains have hooked you up!!! with larger than life proportions for only £1.99 !!! and the Fitness Chain facilities out there have offered up similar plans! £20 per month for a GYM MEMBERSHIP!!!! THIS IS AMAZING… (now add in a personal trainer, nutritionist, supplements, travel to gym, and all of the pain killers due to a lack of mobility training…and you’re paying far more)… Congratulations you are doing something, but why half ass it? with low rates at large commercial gyms and amazing deals all over for such tasty treats (barf) it is difficult for our society to grasp the idea of having to pay £25 or more for a solution that will help you achieve ALL of your fitness and health goals. So if it is truly out of your price range then lets break down some of the frivolous expenditures. StarBucks daily (avg. £2.50 x 7days per week) x 4weeks per month = £70) so, the £45 membership rate to a CrossFit that you have researched to be great is not worth that coffee…or that £5 meal, or what ever habit you have that can and probably should be broke. if you noticed… 3/4 x per week as recommended = roughly £45 per month i.e. roughly less then £2 per day…hmmm….price dispute settled. Still not convinced on the price debate…then look at the rates it costs for medication, for surgeries, for all of these procedures that will “save your life” versus the age old remedy of MOVING. and then tell me that CrossFit is too expensive…(p.s. asking for deals is a real sensitive subject for trainers and legit Crossfit coaches. a Doctor is not going to finagle you with the “Best Deal” to save your life…yes I said save your life!!! it is preventative measures starting a Fitness Program that we are SAVING YOUR LIFE!!! so you really want to put a price point on saving your life…interesting….)

7.) THEY’RE ALL JUST A CULT: really, being happy, healthy, loving life and my peers that share the same enthusiasm of beating down FRAN makes us a cult…? LOL, just playing, we are NOT A Cult; we are extremely excited about what CrossFit offers our lives! it makes it hard to think or talk about anything else…in a lot more cases than not, CrossFit has saves lives… think about it, when you’re extremely excited about an event, or some sort of happening in your life you spread the word! you cant stop thinking about it, you talk about it, you are “IT” now multiply that by 10, and add in instant results (CrossFit offers instant measurable results) and why would you ever not want to talk about it!!! this is not a cult of fitness fanatics… but rather a community of health conscious individuals that love to help their….



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